Существительное / The Noun 2

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1. Food and ___ are daily necessities of the people.

2. Marilyn and Jane are ___

3. The woman pianist played several___ for the guests.

4. It won't make much ___ whether those people agree or not.

5. You mustn't lose ___ wven when the rain washes away your plants.

6. That lady asked the shopkeeper what the ___ of the phone was.

7. Tom's brother raises a lot of ___ in his backyard.

8. Where is your father? "At ___."

9. ___ not going to question everybody in the room.

10. Does your friend have enough ___ to lift these weights?

11. She says she has got ___ in her shoulders.

12. A group of ___ are eating grass at the foot of the hill.

13. Darwin didn't mesn to attack people's religgious ___

14. Several ___ are waiting for you outside.

15. The poor little girl had lots of ___ to do every day.