Предлоги / Prepositions 2

Языки - Английский - Оценка уровня
1. Never miss an opportunity to laugh ... yourself!

2. I can't believe it has been exactly 3 years since I was ... a business trip.

3. I'm flying back to Moscow ... a 11 am presentation!

4. I read the most interesting book ... parenting just now.

5. I'm stuck on the road ... a red light for 15 minutes!

6. You allowed me to dance ... one of the best concerts I've ever been a part of.

7. Let's go ... a safari and look at the animals.

8. I learnt of the sale ... a magazine advertisement.

9. This church has been ... construction since 1900.

10. This painter does wonders …. his paintbrush.

11. There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning than with friends walking ... the sun on the beach.

12. I usually answer all questions ... all seriousness.

13. You're absolutely right … that.

14. Jack is a real doozy of a dog and the bestest, bestest four-legged buddy ... Earth.

15. You should translate this text from English ... Russian.

16. I'm just a few days away … graduation.

17. I took a walk ... 70 degree weather in search of vanilla ice cream.

18. I'm thinking of reintroducing myself ... my family again.

19. You realize that you're ... the right place when you work a 8+ hour day and can't wait to go back.

20. Events like these always help us to put things ... perspective.

21. Why does this photo sum up my life ... the past year and a half?

22. Stay true ... yourself, and you will find a way out of any situation.

23. This song gives a different perspective ... some things around us.

24. Look ... the sky and catch that special moment, when you think that the world can be so wonderful!

25. There were thousands of pagodas ... view.

26. Our plane passed … a storm en route to London!

27. I'm so crazy ... these tulips on this wonderful day.

28. These flowers only get prettier ... the day.

29. Give me the key ... the door.

30. I'm leaving ... Moscow tomorrow.