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12и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване
Read the text below. Then read the questions that follow it and choose the best answer to each question correspondingly among A, B, C or D.

This Is Why the President Pardons a Turkey Every Thanksgiving

Every year, the U.S. president holds a National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation sparing a turkey from a Thanksgiving table. Instead, the birds are sent to a farm to live their lives in peace. But why does the Commander in Chief spend time pardoning a bird?
People often date the official pardoning back to 1947 with Harry Truman, but there has been hardly any evidence of that. That urban legend probably comes from the fact that the National Turkey Federation – which runs the modern turkey pardoning ceremonies – sent a turkey to the president for the first time that year. However, according to the Federation, Truman didn’t spare that bird’s life. He ate it.
The first president to throw a ceremony rescuing a bird from being doomed to the Thanksgiving table seems to be John F. Kennedy in 1963, according to the White House Historical Association. That year, the turkey had a heart-breaking “Good Eating, Mr. President!” sign around its neck. Reportedly, John F. Kennedy said, “We’ll just let this one grow,” and had the bird sent back to the farm. The Los Angeles Times published an article about the event calling it a “presidential pardon.” And so the tradition began.
Over the years, the turkey pardon started taking off. Richard Nixon’s wife sent a bird to a children’s farm in 1973. Another bird, given to Jimmy Carter’s wife in 1978, went to a mini zoo.
It wasn’t until George H. W. Bush’s first Thanksgiving as president in 1989 that the ceremony became official. “Let me assure you, and this fine tom turkey, that he will not end up on anyone’s dinner table, not this guy,” he told reporters.
From then on, presidents have been pardoning birds every Thanksgiving. As the event gets closer, turkeys get more and more honoured by the social media, with silly names like Tater and Tot in 2016, or Mac and Cheese in 2014.

1. The U.S. President holds a National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation to:

2. Despite what many people think, official turkey pardoning:

3. In 1963 the President pardoned a turkey because

4. The ceremony was first mentioned as a special event by

5. Some presidents’ wives

Read the text below. Then read the questions that follow it and choose the best
answer to each question correspondingly among A, B, C or D.

The Dinner

The process of getting into the luxurious and imposing dining room was a nightmare to Martin. With halts and stumbles, at last he made it and was seated beside Her. The array of knives and forks frightened him. He gazed at them, fascinated, till their dazzle became a background across which moved a succession of pictures of him and his mates eating salt beef with knives and fingers, the stench of bad beef, the creaking of timbers and the groaning of masts, accompanied by the loud mouth-noises of the eaters. He watched them eating like pigs.
He glanced around the table. Opposite him was Arthur, and Arthur’s brother, Norman. They were her brothers, he reminded himself, and his heart warmed toward them. How they loved each other, the members of this family! There flashed into his mind the picture of her mother, of the kiss of greeting, and of the pair of them walking toward him arm in arm. In his world there were no such displays of affection between parents and children. He had starved for love all his life. His nature cried for love. He had not known that he needed love.
It seemed to him that he had never worked so hard in his life. The severest toil was a child’s play compared with this. His shirt was wet with sweat from the exertion of doing so many unaccustomed things at once. He had to eat as he had never eaten before. His secret glance went across to Norman opposite him to make sure what knife or fork was to be used. Then he had to talk, to hear what was said to him and to answer, when it was necessary. And there was the servant, who appeared noiselessly at his shoulder, demanding instantaneous decisions.

6. Martin felt ill at ease because he

7. The sight of the dining table brought to Martin memories of

8. Martin’s heart warmed up to Arthur and his brother because they were

9. The open sharing of love

10. To Martin the dinner was a nightmare because

Read the text below. Then read the questions that follow it and choose the best
answer to each question correspondingly among A, B or C.

Who Invented Bread?

Unlike chocolate cookies or tomato soup, the invention of bread can’t be ascribed to a single person or people. It evolved to its present state over the course of millennia. Bread itself is an ancient food with origins dating back more than 22,000 years.
In 2004, at an excavation site in what is modern-day Israel, archeologists found 22,000-year-old barley grains in a grinding stone: the first evidence of humans processing wild cereal grains. However, these “bread” creations were probably more like flat cakes of ground seeds and grains heated on a rock, or in the embers of a fire.
Bread grains were the first plants to be domesticated. They were first harvested by the Natufians. This Mesolithic group of hunter-gatherers lived in the Jordan River Valley region of the Middle East about 12,500 years ago. The Natufians are thought to be the first people to make the transition between survival only on foods gathered from nature to becoming farmers who control all aspects of the food supply. They had the earliest known agricultural-based society and would process grains into coarse flour, from which they made a small, pita-like loaf cooked directly on fire coals.
More than 5,000 years after the Natufians began making flatbread, during the Bronze Age three civilizations were rapidly growing and expanding: the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians (in what is modern-day Iraq) and the Harappans (in the Indus Valley, in what is modern-day Pakistan). All three civilizations, considered the largest in the ancient world, depended on bread.
Bread allowed for the building of surpluses and developing of social classes. From the cradle of civilization’s flatbreads to the packaged supermarket slices we know today, bread has evolved alongside society, ever since humans first crushed grains against a grinding stone thousands of years ago.

11. The barley found in a grinding stone in 2004 was the first cereal crop cultivated by humans.

12. The first loaves of bread were flat so that they could be more easily ‘baked’ on rocks heated by the sun.

13. The Natufians are believed to have been the first people to cultivate land.

14. During the Bronze age the arguably largest civilisations depended on bread.

15. Since the dawn of civilization, bread has been closely connected with social evolution.

Read the text below and for each numbered gap choose the letter (A, B, C or D) of the word or phrase that best suits the gap.

In the last 50 years Europe has undergone dramatic changes. Once little more than a synonym for a purely geographical (16) _____ and a stage for bloody wars, most of the continent now has a/an (17) _____ political identity, with citizens living in peace, able to travel without passports and shop where they like, mostly using the same currency. What is more, EU citizens have the right to live, work and study in any member state, with most of their professional qualifications (18) _____ almost anywhere they are.
It's a far (19) _____ from the Europe of national jealousies and power struggles, of grim (20) _____ guards, of customs controls and (21) _____ rules on work and residence (22) _____. How did all this come about?
The simple answer is that the people of Europe wanted it to happen. But it would be more accurate to say that institutions were created to bring it (23) _____. The European Parliament was (24) _____ up to give the people of Europe a voice. Representing national governments, the Council of the European Union was created to (25) _____ decisions; together with Parliament, it is responsible for (26) _____ EU laws. To make sure that decisions are thoroughly prepared and properly implemented, an (27) _____ organ, the European Commission, was created. Lastly, the European Court of Justice was established to ensure that EU law is applied correctly and consistently throughout the EU.
These bodies have shaped and continue to shape Europe. Thanks to them, for example, holiday-makers anywhere in Europe now pay (28) _____ roaming charges when phoning home on their mobiles. Their (29) _____ policy has greatly extended the range of products and services on offer, cutting prices in the process. There are many (30) _____ where Europe, working together, can make real progress for all.
The EU institutions, in which representatives of 28 member states meet to design, debate and decide, are constantly developing the European Union. They are the architects and engineers of today's Europe, and tomorrow's too.

16. 16

17. 17

18. 18

19. 19

20. 20

21. 21

22. 22

23. 23

24. 24

25. 25

26. 26

27. 27

28. 28

29. 29

30. 30

For each of the sentences below, choose the letter (A, B, C or D) of the word or phrase that best completes its meaning.

31. ____________ I am looking forward to is seeing you

32. A truly gifted musician can be forgiven almost all _______ laziness

33. I have never had _________ fun as at Susan’s birthday party!

34. ____________ of Kristo’s work is described as monumental.

35. All of us have our inherent fears and there is ____________ strange about that

On a sheet of paper complete the second sentence so that it is as close as possible in meaning to the first one.

Only eight people were injured in the explosion because the fire brigade and the paramedics came on time.
If it had ________________________ more than eight people injured in the explosion.

The police claimed the bank robber had stolen only jewels but no money from safe deposit boxes.
The bank robber _____________________________________ from safe deposit boxes.

Do you mind if I watch you while you cook?
Do you have any objections to _____________________________________________?

They said the rumour was extremely crazy and that we should ignore it.
According to them, it was so ________________________________________ ignore it.

If you do more sample tests, you will feel more confident at the exam.
The more _____________________________________________________at the exam.

Although it was getting late, the streets were still busy with people and traffic.
Regardless ___________________________________________ with people and traffic.

It was the most interesting game I had ever played.
Never before _______________________________________________ interesting game.

It is believed that the painting was stolen from the museum.
The painting is ______________________________________________ from the museum.

You are not allowed to disturb the class sessions under any circumstances.
Under no circumstances____________________________________the class sessions.

It is widely known that exercise is good for you, isn’t it?
Many people belive ______________________________________,_________?

On a sheet of paper write a text in standard English of about 160 – 170 words on ONE of the topics below.

1. Flash mobs started in Manhattan in 2003, but are still popular. Many of them nare organized just for the fun of it but they may well have a cause, too. Would
you organise or take part in one? Of which type? Why? Support your opinion with relevant arguments.
2. What people become famous nowadays – the Kim Kardashian or the Einstein type?
How would you explain it? What would you like to become famous for?