7и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване
Directions: Read the following text and mark the correct answer for questions 1
to 5 and give answers to questions 6 to 10. The answers could be only a word or a phrase.

The Donkey and the Cotton

There once lived a salt salesman who had a donkey. Every morning, he put a sack of salt on the donkey and went to the nearby town to sell it. On the way, they had to walk across a river.
One day, while they were crossing the river, the donkey thought, “Ooh! This sack of salt is so heavy that I will get tired very soon. I want to take some of this load off my back.” Just then the donkey slipped and fell into the water. Fortunately, the donkey was not hurt. But the sack of salt on its back fell into the water and got wet. Some of the salt disappeared in the water and made the load on the donkey lighter. The donkey was very happy. The salesman did his best to help the donkey get up and they continued their journey. From that day, it became a regular practice for the donkey to slip and fall in the river when they crossed it on their way to the market.
One day, the salesman noticed that it was no accident that the donkey slipped and fell with the sack into the water. “Oh! So this is the way I am losing my salt” he thought. He decided to teach the donkey a lesson.
Next morning, instead of salt, the salesman put cotton in the sack on the donkey’s back. While they were crossing the same river, the donkey, as usual, slipped and fell into the river. But this time, when he got up, the load on his back was heavier. “Ooh! It is strange but the load has become heavier,” thought the donkey.
The salesman looked at the donkey and said, “Dear friend, I saw you fall into the river every day in order to make the sack lighter. So, I put cotton in the sack today. When cotton is wet, it becomes heavier. Now you will have to carry it to the town.”
That is how the poor donkey learnt his lesson.

1. The man was … in the nearby town.

2. The man and the donkey had to … on their way to the town.

3. One day, while the donkey was crossing the river, …

4. When the sack of salt fell into the water …

5. During the first fall of the donkey, the salesman …

6. What did the donkey start to do every day while it was crossing the river on the way to the market?

7. What did the salesman want to do when he understood why the donkey fell into the river?

8. What did the salesman put in the sack after he understood about the donkey’s lie?

9. How did the wet sack of cotton compare to the dry sack of cotton?

10. Who learnt his lesson in the end?

Mark the correct answer

11. The children … in their bedroom, when their father came back home.

12. Where … to eat tonight?

13. My mother is on the way. She … home yet.

14. Was the window … by the children?

15. I've known Max … I was a small child.


The historic village of Camberwell was once the home (16) … the wealthy Hugo family. They lived in a huge country house, Camberwell Court, and owned all the land in the area. The family (17) ... their house in the 1940s, and it is now open to the public. You can spend a/an (18) … day walking around the house and gardens. There is a small exhibition about the family, a children’s play area, a gift shop and a restaurant. But the village of Camberwell is also worth a visit. There (19) … some beautiful cottages with well kept gardens, and there is a small church which dates back to the eleventh century. To (20) … to Camberwell, take Bus 46 from the Bus station. Buses leave every two hours.

16. Mark the correct answer

17. Mark the correct answer

18. Mark the correct answer

19. Mark the correct answer

20. Mark the correct answer