Тест 1 по английски език за VIII клас


8и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване
Task 1
Directions: Read the text below. For questions 1 - 7, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.
Since she was a little girl, Chloe-Jean Wendell has had a special relationship with animals. But in the two years since her family brought Sunny Boy home to their farm in Vivian, Louisiana, the 16-year-old high school junior has become more attached to her horse than anyone expected.
Hit, possibly, as a young horse years before, Sunny Boy was frightened of almost any human contact. "No one could catch him," says Chloe-Jean's dad, "but my daughter had an immediate calming effect on him that allowed her to saddle him up for a ride." Sunny Boy and Chloe-Jean quickly became inseparable. "He's a sweet guy," she says affectionately about her beloved horse.
At the local Redbud Festival parade in March 2008, the whole Wendell family (Chloe-Jean, her father and mother, and her younger sister, Kristen) dressed in Western fashion and rode their horses behind the sheriff's contingent. Chloe-Jean rode Sunny Boy; Kristen was on her horse, Angel.
A few blocks into the parade, a 33-kilogram pit bull shot out of the crowd right at Angel and began to attack her. When Angel kicked back, Kristen jumped off to avoid being thrown. The snarling dog then turned on the girl. "We watched in horror," recalls her father. Chloe-Jean got off her horse to protect her sister Kristen. After that Sunny Boy started, as if to run off. But as the pit bull was about to jump on Chloe-Jean, 540-kilogram Sunny Boy jumped between them. He astonished everyone by kicking the dog hard in the face. "I was shocked," says Chloe-Jean. "Usually, he avoids other animals."
The aggressive dog turned around and began tearing the legs of her dad’s horse. Animal control officials moved in and finally captured the dog, which was later euthanized. Chloe-Jean's friends gathered around her, saying, "Your horse saved you!" Indeed, the behavior was highly unusual. "I've been around horses all my life and have not seen one take on another animal like that," says her father.
That night, Chloe-Jean visited Sunny Boy out in the field. "I gave him treats and told him how thankful I was that he protected me. I think he already knew how I felt." Sunny Boy will likely remain a hero, as the Wendells plan to sign him in for a horse-assisted therapy program for troubled youths.

Chloe-Jean Wendell …

2. Sunny Boy …

3. In March 2008 there was an event that …

4. A 33-kilogram pit bull attacked …

5. When Chloe-Jean no longer controlled her horse, …

6. Animal control officials took control of the situation …

7. Chloe-Jean showed her gratitude to Sunny Boy by …

8. Task 2
Directions: Read the text below. For questions 8 - 15, choose the answer (A, B or C) which you think fits best according to the text.
Lisa Donath was running late. Heading down the sidewalk toward her subway stop in Manhattan, NY, she decided to skip her usual espresso. Lisa had a lot to do at work, plus visitors on the way: her parents were coming in for Thanksgiving from Minneapolis. But as she hustled down the stairs and through the long tunnel, she started to feel uncomfortably warm. By the time she got to the platform, Lisa felt faint, maybe it hadn't been a good idea to give blood the night before, she thought. She leaned heavily against a post close to the tracks.
Several yards away, Philip Sanchez, and his girlfriend, Melina Gonzalez, found a spot close to where the front of the train would stop. He and his girlfriend were deep in discussion about a house they were thinking of buying. But when he heard the scream, followed by someone yelling, "Oh, my God, she fell in!" Philip didn't hesitate. He jumped down to the tracks and ran some 40 feet toward the body lying facedown on the rails.
"No! Not you!" his girlfriend screamed after him. She was right to be alarmed. By the time Philip reached Lisa, he could feel the vibration on the tracks and see the light coming into the tunnel. "The train was maybe 20 seconds from the station," he remembers. In that instant, Philip gave himself a mission: “I'm going to get her out, and then I am going to get myself out, ASAP. I am not going to let myself get killed here.”
Philip, a former high school wrestler who trains at a gym to stay in shape, grabbed Lisa under her arms. She was deadweight. "It was hard to lift her. She was just out," he says. But he managed to raise her to the platform so that bystanders could grab her arms and drag her away from the edge. That's where Lisa briefly regained consciousness, felt herself being pulled along the ground, and saw someone else holding her purse.
"I thought I'd been mugged," she says. “I remember trying to talk and I couldn't, and that's when I realized how much pain I was in." She remembers the woman who held her hand and a man who gave his shirt to help stop the blood pouring from her head. The impact of her fall had been absorbed by her face, she'd lost teeth and suffered a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and cuts all over her head.
But as the train closed in, Philip wasn't finished. He still had to grab and hoist up a man and a teenager who'd hopped down to the tracks to try and help Lisa too and then use all the strength he had left to lift himself onto the platform. He did so just seconds before the train barreled past him and came to a stop. Everybody was safe and sound. Police and fire officials soon arrived.

Lisa Donath was born in Minneapolis.

9. Lisa Donath was late and took the elevator to the platform.

10. Lisa Donath was a regular blood donor.

11. Philip was already on the tracks when he heard the screaming and shouting.

12. Philip was not the only person who attempted to save Lisa.

13. Lisa’s body seemed too heavy to Philip at the moment he lifted her.

14. As a result of the fall Lisa lost her eye-sight.

15. Philip saved three people all together before getting back safe on the platform.

Directions: For questions 16 - 45, read the text and the sentences below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.
Superstitions are still part of British culture. One of the most 16. _____ superstitions in Britain is that walking under a 17. _____ is unlucky. If you do have to do it, 18. _____, you can avoid misfortune either by 19. _____ your fingers crossed until you see a dog or by licking your finger and making a cross on the toe of your shoe and not look at it until the sign has dried. According 20. _____ superstition, you can also counteract the negative effects of spilling salt. If it happens, you should take a grain of salt and throw it over your left shoulder. 21. _____ superstitious belief is that it is unlucky to open an umbrella indoors. The worst misfortune, however, is to break a mirror because in this 22. _____ seven years of bad luck 23. _____ ahead of you!
Now 24. _____ up! There are enough ‘good luck’ superstitions, as 25. _____. One of them is that of the black cat. Even though this animal is usually 26. _____ with evil magic powers, in the UK it is considered to be a 27. _____ of good luck. This shows that superstitions in different countries may not mean the 28. _____ things. Another widely held ‘good luck’ superstition is that of touching wood for luck. In ancient times in Britain, people believed that evil spirits lived in trees and that they could come out. To keep them away people touched the tree. If you do not want your good luck to come to a(n) 29. _____, just after having mentioned something that is tempting fate, you should touch something made of wood and say ‘touch wood’. Finally, if you find a four-leaf clover, fortune smiles on you. It is not known where, when and how it started, it cannot be explained by either reason or science, but as a four-leaf clover is unusual, it must 30. _____ something, and people decided to associate it with good luck.















31. He _____ to New York five times so far.

32. When he proposed to her she was happier than she _____ in her whole life.

33. Roald Amundsen was the first person _____ both the North and South Poles.

34. She wondered _____ get any better.

35. I _____ marry you if you were the last person on earth!

36. How much money _____ in your bank account?

37. There must be some mistake - he is an honest man. He _____ be lying to us.

38. Her parents never let her _____ out late.

39. As the saying goes - it's no use _____ over spilt milk.

40. He told his sister that he wished she _____ her clothes all over the floor.

41. He doesn’t know the answer and _____.

42. When he moved to London, he needed a week to get used _____ driving on the left.

43. She is one of the few people to _____ I can really talk.

44. I _____ for the bus for over an hour. I will take a taxi.

45. He plays _____ clarinet in the school orchestra.