Образуване на бъдеще време с Will или Going to?

Езици - Английски - Оценка на ниво
1. I feel really tired. I think I ______ go to bed.

2. Where are you going?

I ______ visit a customer.

3. Do you want me to help you?

No thanks. John ______ help me.

4. Would you prefer tea or coffee?

I ______ have some coffee, please.

5. Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this?

Good idea. I ______ bring some wine.

6. I've already decided. I ______ buy a new car

7. What are your plans for next week?

I ______ to fly to New York on business. Probably on Tuesday but I haven't bought my ticket yet.

8. What are your plans for the holidays?

I ______ visit my parents for a few days and then go walking in Scotland.

9. Why are you wearing your best suit?

I ______ have lunch with my biggest customer.

10. Do you want to have the chicken or the beef?

I think ______ have the beef.

11. My head hurts.

Sit down and I ______ get you an aspirin.

12. We need some more ink for the printer.

I ______ go to the shop and get some.

13. Look! There's smoke coming out of the photocopier.

You turn it off and I ______ phone the safety officer

14. I cannot see how to use this spreadsheet.

Don't worry. I ______ help you.

15. I need to speak to you today.

I'm going out now but I ______ be back later.

16. Did you phone Michael?

I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I ______ do it now.

17. Can you help me with this? I don't understand.

I ______ give you a hand as soon as I've finished this.

18. That's much too heavy for one person. I ______ give you a hand.

19. Could somebody answer the phone?

I ______ get it.

20. It's really hot in here.

I ______ put on the air-conditioning.