Съюз / Conjunction 2

Езици - Английски - Оценка на ниво
1. I don't like running ___ climbing. "I don't like runnning. ___ I like climbing very much."

2. ___ the president's speech was a long one, nobody lost interest.

3. The day broke, ___ the birds were beginning to sing.

4. Study hard, ___ you'll make great progress.

5. Be careful, ___ you'll make grammatical mistakes.

6. ___ we'll go montain climbing tomorrow on the weather.

7. The reason for his absence is ___ he was out on business.

8. It will not be long ___ he comes back.

9. Take an umbrella with you ___ it should rain.

10. As you treat me , ___ will I treat you

11. I was very hungry when I came back home. I had nоt had anything to eat ___ the day.

12. The Chairman of the Board gave a long speech. He spoke ___ two hours.

13. It rained … two days without stopping.

14. I do not want to be dusturbed, so do not call me ___ it is something very important.

15. Maciek is in his final year at school. He still does not know what he is going to do ___ he leaves.