Съществително име / Noun

Езици - Английски - Оценка на ниво
1. Is his house beautiful? There isn't ___ in the house

2. What have you finished? I have finished ___

3. Mary went to the library becouseshe wanted ___

4. What do you want?
I want that is ___ on the table.

5. Mother went to the doctor ___ about her stomach touble.

6. The law makes no ___ between the rich and the poor.

7. The concert should have started two hours ago. I don't know what could have caused the ___

8. group of ___ are eating grass at the foot of the hill.

9. That lady asked the shopkeeper what the ___ of the phone was.

10. The monitor will hand out the Chemistry ___ after class.

11. Darwin didn't mean to attack people's religious ___

12. Our teacher gave us ___ on how to improve our Mandarin.

13. The poor little girl had lots of ___ to do every day.