Глагол - могални глаголи / Modal Verbs

Езици - Английски - Оценка на ниво
1. Ana ___ the piano when she was a young girl.

2. Bunly ___ to the movies after he finishes his homework.

3. She ___ study last night, so she didn't.

4. I am not sure where Dave is. He ____ taken Benjamin to a movie or to the zoo.

5. Dr. Brazda ___ give the test today becouse the copier was broken.

6. Sokhom ___ to the university after she finished at Long Beach City College.

7. Judy ___ that book next week.

8. Look! It's raining and Professor Johnson is all wet. He ___ forgotten his umbrella again.

9. Sadine ___ the dreams when she was a girl.

10. You ___ help me if you don't have time. I can do the job myself.

11. ___ you help me?

12. You ___ go into that room. It's forbidden!