Съставни наречия / Relative clauses

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Fill in: who, whose, which or where.

My school, 1) __________ is called King Edward's, has about 2,000 students. My favourite teacher, 2)__________ is called Mr Brown, teaches sport. The sports centre, 3)____________ I play basketball and tennis, is the largest in the area. I walk to school every day with my friend Mike, 4)____________ father teaches History.

1. ___

2. ___

3. ___

4. ___

5. Fill in: who's or whose.

5. My mother,___name is Elizabeth, is a piano teacher.

6. Celine is the girl___brother won the prize.

7. Helen is the person___car is outside our house.

8. Ann's the one___ a History teacher.

9. Lucas is the man ___helping us move house.

10. That's the woman ___son just graduated from university.

Fill in the appropriate relative, say whether the relative clauses are essential or not to the meaning of the main sentence, then add commas where necessary.

11. Paul Stevens___________ starred in Days went to school with my brother.

12. The pen __________ I left on that table has disappeared.

13. The woman_________ repairs our car is very friendly.

14. David _________ grew up in Canada speaks French fluently.

15. The man _______car was stolen has gone to the police station.

16. Rye_________ my grandmother lives is near the sea.

17. Oleg_________car has broken down is late for work.

18. The Coliseum_________attracts many tourists is in Rome.