Времена / Conditional Sentences Type I, II, III

Езици - Английски - Оценка на ниво
1. It ___ silly if we tried to walk there.

2. I ___ the film only if the reviews are good.

3. She'd have taken me to the station if her car ___ down.

4. If you ___ , he won't help you.

5. ___ after their dog again if they go on holiday this year?

6. If I had more time, I (come) ___ to your party yesterday.

7. If you (have) ___ dinner right now, I'll come back later.

8. If we (set) ___ off earlier, we wouldn't be in this traffic jam now.

9. What would you do if you (accuse) of murder?

10. If I hadn't eaten that much, I (feel / not) ___ so sick now.

11. We would take another route if they (close / not) ___ the road.

12. She only (sing) if she's in a good mood.

13. If she were sensible, she (ask) ___ that question, by which she offended him so much.