Външно оценяване по английски език за VII клас – май, 2012 г.



7и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване
Read the following text and circle the correct answer A, B or C.

Joan was very good at science when she was at school, and she was especially interested in
computers, so when she finished her education she decided to start work at an office.
She very much liked her work and soon she could do thousands of things with computers.
“They are really like friends to me nowadays,” Joan told her mother one evening. “I can ask
them questions, and they answer just like people, but more politely and they do not argue. And they
never lie!”
“I hope not!” her mother answered. “It sounds like the computer is a perfect companion,
doesn’t it?” They both laughed. “But can any of them think for themselves?”
“I’m afraid not,” Joan said. “You can get out of them only what you have put in. It’s called
programming. But it’s wonderful what you can make computers do.”
“Well,” Joan’s mother said, “I’m curious to know if you can programme one of them to give
me some advice.”
“I hope so”, answered Joan. “I’ll try. What do you want advice about?”
“Well,” her mother answered, “you know my two watches, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Joan answered doubtfully. “What advice can a computer give you about them?”
“Well,” her mother answered, “one of them is fast and it gains one second every hour, and
the other has stopped and won’t start again. I would like to know which one to keep. Do you mind
asking one of your computers?”
Joan laughed and answered, “That’s a strange thing to ask a computer, but I’ll do so. I’ll ask
Donald. He is my best friend.”
When she got home the next evening, her mother had forgotten all about her request for
“You remember what you asked about your two watches, Mum?” Joan said.
“Eh? My two watches? Oh, yes. I don’t suppose your computer could give me any advice.”
“Oh, yes, he could!” Joan replied. “Donald advised you to keep the watch that has stopped.”
“Why did he advise that?” Joan’s mother asked.
“Because he said that that watch will be right once every twelve hours, but the other one will
be right only once every five years.”

1. Joan enjoyed her work in the office because she …

2. Joan thought computers …

3. The sentence “Computers can’t think for themselves” means that computers …

4. The first watch mentioned in the text …

5. What was wrong with the other watch?

6. Joan’s mother wanted advice on …

7. Donald was one of Joan’s …

8. Joan’s mother knew the answer to her request …

9. Joan’s mother thought that the computer …

10. The computer advised Joan’s mother to keep the watch that …

11. When Kate was a teenager, she preferred ….. pop music.

12. I’m not usually interested ….. fantasy films, but this one is really cool.

13. My parents say I ………. eat sweet things because it’s not good for my health.

14. I don’t think they’ve got the shoes you want here. Are there any ….. shoe shops nearby?

15. While we ….. the mountain, the rain turned into snow.

16. The discovery ….......the Nobel Prize last year.

17. …… you ever written a letter to a magazine or a newspaper?


The (18)…… of tattooing has a very long history. It was known in ancient Egypt. We find
tattoos on Egyptian mummies. It was also known in Greece and (19)…… the Romans and ancient
Britons. Tattooing has had a place in the (20)…... of many primitive people. The word “tattoo”
comes from Tahitian. The custom was (21)…… to the Western countries mainly by sailors.
Today many young people think it fun to get tattooed. It can be done quite (22)…… in a
tattoo parlor with an electric drill and a special dye. However, before you decide to have a snake, a
dragon, or a face of your girlfriend tattooed on your body, remember that a tattoo, (23) …..done, is
very difficult to (24)……. Think (25)…… before you enter a tattoo parlor. And remember AIDS.

18. ___

19. ___

20. ___

21. ___

22. ___

23. ___

24. ___

25. ___