Национално външно оценяване – май, 2015 г.

7и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване
Directions:Read the following text and circle the correct answer A, B or C for questions 1
to 5

Master of the Game

An old man lived in a small street. He had problems with his sleep because every night
a group of boys played cricket outside his house.
One evening, when the boys were extremely noisy, he went out to talk to them.“I’m a
great cricket fan and I get so happy when I can see or hear you playing my favourite game”,
he said. He promised to give them £25 each week to play in the street at night. The boys were
excited. “We’ll get money for doing something we enjoy!” they thought.
At the end of the first week they knocked at the old man's house. He paid them £25. The
second week when they asked him to pay, he said that he did not have enough money and sent
them away with £15. The third week he gave them only £10. He told them he had not yet got
his pension. The boys were very disappointed. The fourth week the man said he was sorry, but
he couldn’t pay them more than £5 each week, because he was a pensioner. This was too
much for the boys! “You expect us to play seven days a week for just £5!” They went away
really angry and never played on that street again.

1. The old man couldn’t sleep at night because … .

2. When the man promised to pay the boys £25 each week, they agreed to … .

3. The second week the man paid the boys … .

4. The third week the man gave the boys only £10, explaining that … .

5. At the end of the story the boys … .

Directions:Read the following text and give answers to questions 6 to 10. The answers
could be a word or a phrase.

A Cat Set a World Record

A woman found a little cat in a street in Chicago together with three older cats. She took
the kitty home and called it Alley.
The woman, whose name is Samantha Martin, soon realised that the animal had a
special talent. It loved jumping. So Samantha started to train Alley. The cat was at first able to
jump only about 50 cm. In a year's period of training the cat’s jumps became higher and
higher …
Finally, right before Alley’s first birthday, she was able to make a record jump of 1 metre 90
cm high.
Samantha says, “Alley started out as such a weak kitty and I am so excited that she grew
up strong and is in the Guinness Book of World Records. She had such difficult beginnings,
and now she's a star!”
Alley is so good at jumping that she also became the star of the Amazing Acrobatic Cats
show, which tours all around the United States.

6. Where did Samantha Martin find Alley?

7. What was the little cat good at?

8. When did Alley set her record?

9. How did Samantha feel when Alley got into the Guinness Book of World Records?

10. Why do Samantha and her cat travel all around the United States?

Circle the correct answer A, B or C.

11. When … to be ready with your project work?

12. There are … fantastic places to see all across the UK!

13. Here’s the … suggestion for a holiday for the whole family.

14. A group of people … in Hawaii when a dolphin appeared and swam close to one of
the men.

15. Nina’s grandparents have lived in their house … 1950.

When the giant went away, the children played in his garden every afternoon on their
way back from school.
It was a large and lovely garden. Thousands of beautiful flowers (16) … in the grass,
and there were lots of fruit trees. In the spring, the fruit trees were (17) … with red and white
flowers. (18) … in the year, wonderful fruit appeared on them. The birds sang (19) … in the
trees. Sometimes the children stopped their games and (20) … to their beautiful songs. ‘We
are so happy here!’ they said.

16. ____

17. ____

18. ____

19. ____

20. ____