19 ЮНИ 2015 г.

8и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване

Task 1

Read the text below. For questions 1 - 5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D)
which you think fits best according to the text.

‘Got you!’ cried Jay, tagging Ellie’s back.
Ellie just laughed and started chasing him. They were playing tag1 in the top field. It
was better with more people, but their best friends had gone away for the holidays. Not that it
really mattered. Being twins, Jay and Ellie always had each other.
Ellie cornered her brother near the Peak, tagging his bag.
‘Hey, that’s not fair,’ panted Jay.
Ellie stopped to catch her breath, then looked out over the field. The twins loved this
field, because it was the highest point on their farm. You could see a long way in every
direction. Especially if you climbed up the Peak – a lumpy hill that reached for the sky.
The grass up here was really long now. Their father used to keep sheep in the top field,
but he hadn’t done that for ages. He said the weather was too unpredictable now and it was
better if sheep were kept in fields closer to home.
‘Race you to the Peak,’ shouted Jay.
Ellie looked at the top wrapped in dark, low cloud.
‘I’m not going up there. It’s going to rain.’ said Ellie, heading for the track through the
trees. Back at the house, Mum would have the fire going in the kitchen. It would be warm and
‘Hey!’ shouted Jay. ‘Look at that!’
Ellie stopped walking. When she turned, Jay was staring up at the sky. But she was not
going to be fooled this time. She marched back to where Jay was standing and tickled him
under the chin.
‘Quit it,’ he grumbled. ‘Look!’ he pointed at the sky.
Ellie couldn’t help it – she looked. Then she gasped. Flashing through the clouds was
a thing that looked like a huge bird. It was as pale as sheep’s wool and had long arms and
The twins watched as the strange creature raced towards the Peak and vanished into
the thick cloud. They were dumbfounded.

1. Only Jay and Ellie were playing tag because …

2. The twins loved the top field mainly because …

3. Jay and Ellie’s father stopped keeping sheep in the top field because …

4. Ellie refused to go to the Peak because …

5. When Jay called Ellie, she …

6. Task 2

Read the text below. For questions 6 - 10, choose the answer (A, B, C or D)
which you think fits best according to the text.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

This is a story of how medicine, air travel and radio combined to bring health care to
people who live, work and travel in the more remote areas of Australia. Established in 1928,
the Flying Doctor Service provides emergency medical aid to the people of rural Australia
and also a basic health care and community service.
The story of the Flying Doctor Service will always be linked with its founder, the
Reverend John Flynn. In 1911, he took up his first job at Beltana Mission, in South Australia.
Flynn began his work at a time when only two doctors served an area of 1,800,000 square
kilometres. A serious illness or an accident there often led to death.
In 1917, Flynn heard news of a stockman named Jimmy Darcy who was seriously
injured when he fell from his horse on his country property in Western Australia. It was 500
kilometres to the nearest doctor and 50 kilometres from a town. Darcy's friends discovered
him and rushed to get assistance. A doctor in Perth was contacted by Morse code. The doctor
had to reply in Morse code with instructions for an operation. Although they had no medical
experience, Darcy's friends performed the operation to save his life. Thirteen days later after
travelling by boat, car, buggy, horse and on foot, the doctor from Perth arrived. Unfortunately,
Darcy had died three days before.
Touched by the story of Jimmy Darcy, the Reverend John Flynn took it upon himself to
find a way to bring medical help to people living in the remote regions of the outback.
By that time the airplane had already begun to prove itself as a reliable means of transport and
radio had displayed its ability to link people thousands of miles apart. Flynn combined these
developments with his fund-raising abilities and established the Flying Doctor Service, which
continues to save lives even today.

6. The aim of the Flying Doctor Service is …

7. When John Flynn took up his first job in South Australia, …

8. When Darcy’s friends found him after the accident, they …

9. The doctor arrived …

10. The Reverend John Flynn managed to create the Flying Doctor Service by …

11. Task 3

Read the text below. For questions 11 - 15, choose the answer (A, B or C ) which
you think fits best according to the text.

Global Warming

The effects of global warming are indeed global, which is why no nation can afford to
ignore them. Europe is currently consuming the world’s resources, and producing pollution at
twice the global average, although still well below US levels. Research suggests that its
mountains and southern lands will be the hardest hit by climate change. 10% of Alpine
glaciers disappeared during the summer of 2003 alone, and at current rates 75% of
Switzerland’s glaciers will have melted by 2050. Snow lines are getting higher, and less snow
is being stored through the year. This will seriously affect hydroelectric power stations, and
more obviously the skiing industry.
Some Mediterranean cities are already intolerably hot and polluted in the summer, but
this will only get worse, and there will be an increase in forest fires and water shortages.
Farmers in the north would benefit, at least for a time, from being able to grow crops normally
grown in the south, but they will probably suffer much less predictable weather and a greater
risk of flooding. With increased summer heat, limited water supplies and dry lands, the
Mediterranean region may be increasingly abandoned as millions of people move north.
Most scientists and environmentalists agree that we must act straightaway to reduce
the emission of greenhouse gases. Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their own ‘carbon
footprint’. They can do this by using less energy. They can also use more efficient and,
ideally, renewable energy such as solar, wind and tidal, and lead less polluting lifestyles. This
means not only driving cars less, or not at all, but also cutting back on air travel.

11. Europe is currently producing more pollution than the United States of America.

12. By the middle of the 21st century, there will be only 25% of glaciers left in

13. No more ski resorts or hydroelectric power stations will be built in Europe in the
coming years.

14. In the countries across the Mediterranean region, the weather conditions for farming
will improve.

15. Many people are already giving up their cars in order to reduce the emission of
greenhouse gases.


For questions 16 - 45 , read the text and the sentences below and decide which
answer (A, B, C or D) fits each gap best.

The Early Years of Steve Jobs

Many people would agree that Steve Jobs, 16. _____ chief executive officer of Apple
Computers, was one of the most influential people in the world, certainly in the 17. _____ of
technology. 18. _____Job’s direction, Apple Inc. 19. _____ some of the world’s most
innovative and exciting technological inventions.
Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, to Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali. At
the time, the two were busy young students at the University of Wisconsin, and they
20. _____ it was best for them to give up the child for adoption.
A short time later, the boy was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs of Mountain View,
California, and named Steven Paul Jobs. The family home was within California’s Silicon
Valley, an area 21. _____ for its many computer and electronics companies.
Steve’s father, Paul, was a machinist, and when Steve was a young boy, the two would
spend hours in the family’s garage taking 22. _____ and rebuilding electronics – helpful
practice for Steve’s future career.
In elementary school, Steve didn’t stand 23. _____ - at least not in a good way. He
preferred 24. _____ jokes on his classmates and teachers to completing his school work. In
the fourth grade, a teacher named Imogene Hill saw that young Steve had potential. Mrs. Hill
was finally able to convince Steve to 25. _____ his studies more seriously. How did she do it?
She 26. _____ him with candy and five-dollar bills from her own money. Later, Steve spoke
about Mrs. Hill fondly, 27. _____ her ‘one of the saints of my life’.
In 1969, at the age of 14, Steve met an 18-year-old university freshman named Steve
Wozniak, his future Apple co-founder. Although they were different ages, the two had a lot in
28. _____. They 29. _____ a love of electronics and computer design, and they were both
leaders rather than followers. In his book Steve Wozniak said of their meeting, ‘Typically, it
was really hard for me to explain to people the kind of design stuff I worked on, but Steve got
it right 30. _____ , even though he was still in high school. We had a good relationship, we
talked electronics, we talked about music, we liked and traded stories.’

16 ___

17. ___

18. ___

19. ___

20. ___

21. ___

22. ___

23. ___

24. ___

25. ___

26. ___

27. ___

28. ___

29. ___

30. ___

31. Can you tell me what time _____ , please?

32. The Johnsons love their new neighbourhood. There are a _____ nice parks there and
not much traffic.

33. My father used to read _____ Observer but nowadays he gets all his news online, not
from newspapers.

34. There seems to be a lot of news about corrupt politicians_____ days.

35. Adele was _____ busy studying for her test to go to the party.

36. You are not allowed in the deep end of the pool unless you _____ swim.

37. This is the first time I _____ the British Museum, and I should say I quite like it.

38. In most sports, a timeout is signalled with a T made by both hands, _____?

39. These books are _____. Have you forgotten? You left them here last week.

40. The flooding in Brazil was _____ that in Australia.

41. I wish I _____ for the singing competition. Why didn’t you stop me?

42. _____ your medicine yet? You are supposed to take it every three hours.

43. The crops in the field died last week, because they _____ by the toxins in the water
coming from that polluted river.

44. Anna and Tina don’t like their roommate. They would ask her to leave if they _____
need her to pay the rent.

45. I avoid _____ in heavy rain or snow.