20 ЮНИ 2013

8и клас - Английски език - Външно оценяване

Read the text below. For questions 1 - 7, choose the answer (A, B or C) which you
think fits best according to the text.

The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare. It was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, and was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613. That day the Globe Theatre went out in flames during a performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays – “Henry the Eighth.” According to one of the few surviving documents of the event, no one was hurt except a man who tried to put out his burning trousers with a bottle of beer.
A second Globe Theatre was built in the following year. Like all the other theatres in London, the Globe was closed down by the Puritans in 1642. The Puritans destroyed all the theatres because they did not believe in entertainment.
Some people think that Shakespeare was the owner of the first Globe Theatre. Actually, six men owned different shares in the Theatre. More than 50% of it belonged to brothers Richard and Cuthbert Burbage. In fact, Shakespeare possessed only 7% of the Theatre. His comedies and tragedies were played there. Shakespeare was also an actor, not only a playwright and a poet. With his brilliant plays William Shakespeare made the Globe the most famous theatre in the country.
The new Globe Theatre was opened in 1997 and 16th century building methods were used to construct it. The modern reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, named "Shakespeare's Globe", is about 230 m away from the location of the original theatre.
Designers tried to remain as close to the old plans as possible. There are still some modern differences to be seen. For example, there is electricity everywhere in the new Globe. There is also a lobby and visitor center for guests as well as a big backstage area for the actors and technical staff.
In Shakespeare’s time the Globe Theatre could house 3000 people. The New Globe is as big as the old Globe Theatre but it can house only 1300 people. The number is much smaller because today there are Health and Safety Regulations. Such regulations did not exist back in the late 16th and early 17th century.
Back then London theatre goers loved the old Globe Theatre. It was their opportunity to see the great plays and to see each other. Today theatre goers from all over the world love the new Globe. It is their opportunity to see what the theatre looked like in Shakespeare’s time. Though the new Globe Theatre is not open for productions during the winter, tours of the new Globe are available year-round.

1. The first Globe Theatre burned down …

2. The second Globe Theatre was torn down …

3. The owners of the first Globe Theatre …

4. The modern reconstruction of the Globe Theatre was opened …

5. Which of the following modern facilities in the new Globe is mentioned in the text?

6. The old Globe Theatre housed more spectators because …

7. Today theatre goers from around the world can enjoy ________ performances at the new

8. Read the text below. For questions 8 - 15, choose the answer (A, B or C) which you
think fits best according to the text.

Mountain Climber Stacy Allison: The First Woman to Go to Mount Everest
As a kid, Stacy Allison visited Mount Hood in Oregon every weekend. She told herself that one day she would climb it. In fact, she did more than that. Allison has since become the first woman to climb Mount Everest, which is just one of her many achievements.
The keen climber has become a motivational speaker too. She often talks about reaching her goals and the failures and successes she has faced along the way. This is what she likes to share.
Allison didn’t start climbing until her first year at college. One of her classmates posted a notice on a bulletin board that he was going to Zion National Park in southwest Utah to climb mountains. He was looking for someone to join him. After her day at the park, Allison said she knew what she was going to do: climb.
Allison’s experience in conquering mountains has made a huge impact on other areas of her life. For every goal she sets, she always does her best. At present, she is a successful author, wife, and mother of two sons.
‘Climbing mountains is a lot of work and takes a lot of dedication’, she said. ‘And believe it or not, climbing is more mental than physical because your body wears down a lot faster than your mind. You have to mentally push your body far beyond what you think it is capable of doing,’ she wrote in her latest book. ‘It can be very boring … yet at the same time you have to stay focused so you don’t make any mistakes.’
Reaching the summit of Mount Everest was one of her first major goals. However, she didn’t make it the first time. After suffering the disappointment of having to turn back in 1987 she knew she had to try again. On the 29th day of her second expedition to Mount Everest, she reached the top. She was 29 years old and the day was September 29, 1988.
After her success, she started talking – professionally. She uses her experience from climbing Mount Everest as a metaphor for achieving success in life. As a motivational speaker, she talks about different things, but teamwork is a large part of her message.
‘I tell stories from my Mount Everest climb and then I relate those stories back to the audience and what they’re going through,’ she says. ‘It’s important for people to figure out what it is they want to achieve in their life, and work through the fears and the failures that go along with that.’
Ordinary people who have overcome hardship and have turned successful like Allison, can serve as an example to many young people. There is a lot to learn from her – about courage, persistence and success.

8. During her childhood Stacey rarely travelled to Oregon.

9. As used in the text, a ‘motivational speaker’ is a person who gives public speeches to
inspire others.

10. Stacy Allison started her climbing career at primary school.

11. After their mountain climb in the Zion National Park, Stacy’s classmate fell in love with

12. To be a successful climber you only need to be physically strong.

13. Stacey achieved her Mount Everest goals from the very start.

14. She had already got married when she conquered Mount Everest.

15. According to Stacey, people can learn a lot from her life story.


For questions 16 - 35, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best
fits each gap.

16. They said they hadn’t read the book, ________.

17. While the waitress ________ our order my father entered the restaurant.

18. The new hotel opposite the bank ________ at least a couple of months ago.

19. Nowadays ________ people think that break dancing is awesome.

20. After her father-in-law had stopped ________, his heart condition improved.

21. After the earthquake many people ________ to live with relatives for some time.

22. It is the first time I ________ to this song.

23. A person who doesn’t like spending ___________ money is often called “Uncle Scrooge”.

24. If the customers ________ the sneakers, they will most likely buy them.

25. The exam was _____ than I had expected.

26. In Maths classes, I always fear the teacher will say ‘Take ______ a sheet of paper!’

27. The exam test was very hard indeed and not many students succeeded in ________ it.

28. My mother makes me __________ the guitar for an hour every day.

29. ________ exercise every day is a popular lifestyle today.

30. Many people prefer to ________ a shower in the morning but I like to do this before going
to bed.

31. A lot of fans think that Elvis Presley is still ________.

32. Sometimes it is quite difficult to ________ a decision on the spot.

33. Today you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to ________ a living – all you
need is a reliable internet connection.

34. Mary doesn’t like the idea of ________ money for “a rainy day.”

35. A balanced diet and daily physical exercise are the keys to a ________ lifestyle.